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Bellevue WA educated with Microsoft Technologies: Please Don't use my material to cheat! This is only for those who want to know and understand the concepts of what I have been through to help student's and other's to grow in life.
Each and every concept that I have been through is based on of what I have accomplished through hard work and I believe in giving back to the community!
I don't believe in plagiarism! This is all my own work! My struggle through this in learning, means I learned it well!

Stored Procedures|CTE's|Functions|Concepts|Cube-MDX|Tabular-DAX|Data Modeling (Advanced SQL)

Objects|Classes|Methods|Interfaces|Delegates (Advanced C#)

Extract|Transform|Load (SSIS)

Objects|Methods|Classes|Library-Integration (ASP.NET)

HTML|CSS|JavaScript (Web Development)

Analysis|Data Mining|Statistics|Cube Modeling (SSAS)

SQL Reporting Services|Tableau Desktop|Power BI Desktop|Excel (SSRS)

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